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Welcome to Zero Carbon Cumbria, your hub for carbon reduction action across the county.

a net zero carbon county by 2037

Learn about the impact of climate change here in the county. Read about action to achieve our target. Be inspired by all the fantastic things people are doing and how you can do your bit.


Help get Cumbria's emissions down!

Emissions reduction pathways and action plans

The emissions reduction pathways and action plans are a culmination of months of dedicated work and partnership and provide a pathway for tackling emissions in the key sectors; transport, buildings, consumption and waste, and farming and other land use. Each plan sets out clear targets, stakeholders and proposes actionable steps to accelerate our transition to a net-zero carbon county by 2037.

Leading Change

From schools to scouts, from businesses to councils, from community groups to individual residents… people and organisations are taking action to cut their carbon footprint and help reach Cumbria’s ambition of being a net zero carbon county.

This is also the online home of the Cumbria Sustainability Network, the Zero Carbon Cumbria Partnership and information on citizens’ juries.

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The Zero Carbon Cumbria Partnership is leading action on climate change across the county.




Focussing on the main sources of emissions and creating reduction action plans to tackle them.




Bringing together the county’s community organisations tackling climate change.




Panels of people brought together to consider local climate action and provide recommendations.

the climate crisis and us - know your facts

What are others doing?

Be inspired!

Individuals and organisations across the county are already working together to help reach Cumbria’s net zero goal. Find out what action is being taken and how to get involved.

What’s in it for me?

benefits of climate action

Not only what’s in it for you, but for your community too! Find out about the benefits that taking action on climate change can bring for our county and for people.

Is there funding available?

community climate grants

 If you have a great idea for an event or project that could help tackle climate change, you might be able to get a grant from £200 to £10,000 to bring it to life.


The National Lottery is funding a crucial programme of activities across Cumbria, in support of the Zero Carbon Cumbria Partnership's work.

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