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Benefits of climate action

Many of the actions we need to take to reduce carbon emissions will bring wider benefits. Here are just a few.

Benefits of Climate Action

Jobs for the future

Reducing carbon emissions will require investment in low carbon technologies – in our homes, in industry, in how we travel, in the way we generate energy and more. All of these are leading to new job skills and roles.

Research has been carried out on the potential for these kinds of jobs in Cumbria. It was commissioned by Cumbria Action for Sustainability and you can download it below. 

Cleaner air

An increase in public transport, active travel and electric vehicles instead of petrol and diesel fuelled transport will have a direct impact on local air quality. These will reduce air pollutants that are linked to a range of health conditions, with a particular impact on children. As well as the direct health benefits to people, this also has the potential to save money for the NHS.

Benefits of Climate Action

Saving money

Improving buildings to make them more energy efficient will also reduce energy bills for their occupants, from homes and business premises to hospitals. Fuel poverty affects 13.4% of households, according to government figures, and rising fuel prices will only make this worse. Improvements such as insulation, draughtproofing, heat pumps and efficient lighting and appliances can all help to reduce energy use and save money.

Less waste

Making and transporting new goods has a big carbon footprint, so repairing goods or buying secondhand can reduce waste. Reducing waste will not only save money on removal and disposal costs but will remove toxins from the air and ground associated with the disposal of waste. 

Improving health

Building a local, sustainable community

You don’t have to look much further than Cumbria for great examples of how building a local economy around sustainable business and practice can benefit everyone. Local repair cafes, climate reading groups, ‘grow your own’ schemes, electric vehicle schemes and renewable energy projects are all playing their part in connecting people of all ages.

Benefits of Climate Action

More secure energy sources

Shifting away from fossil fuels (oil, coal and gas) gives the UK an opportunity to increase its energy security, generating our own clean energy from renewables like wind, solar, hydro, tidal and wave power.

Protecting nature for future generations

...and so many more

Find out more about the benefits of taking action on climate change.

What are Cumbrians doing about climate change?

Inspiring actions

People all the across the county are making changes in their own lives, their workplaces and their communities to use less fossil fuels and to reduce other types of emissions that also cause climate change.

The ZCC Partnership

Crucially, Cumbrians are also working on the bigger things beyond the control of individuals, like encouraging more active travel. This joined-up working is led by the Zero Carbon Cumbria Partnership.

Carbon reduction plans

Through the partnership, Cumbria has set an ambitious goal to stop adding to climate change by 2037. Organisations and businesses across Cumbria are building carbon reduction into their plans.

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