Zero Carbon Cumbria - Carbon reduction action across the county.

Action in Cumbria to tackle climate change

The good news is it’s not too late to prevent the worst impacts of climate change, but we must act now.

But climate change is a global problem - what can Cumbrians do?!

The answer is, loads!

As you can read in the climate change in Cumbria section, we are aware of the different ways we’re causing climate change in Cumbria, and people across the county are already doing a lot to tackle these. There’s a huge challenge ahead, and it will take everyone pulling together. But it is absolutely possible and action is already under way – the journey towards a net zero county has begun.

What are Cumbrians doing about climate change?

Inspiring actions

People all the across the county are making changes in their own lives, their workplaces and their communities to use less fossil fuels and to reduce other types of emissions that also cause climate change.

The ZCC Partnership

Crucially, Cumbrians are also working on the bigger things beyond the control of individuals, like encouraging more active travel. This joined-up working is led by the Zero Carbon Cumbria Partnership.

Carbon reduction plans

Through the partnership, Cumbria has set an ambitious goal to stop adding to climate change by 2037. Organisations and businesses across Cumbria are building carbon reduction into their plans.

What’s net zero?

Climate change is caused by greenhouse gas emissions going into the atmosphere. It’s mostly carbon dioxide from burning oil, gas and coal, but also includes other gases like methane.

We can’t stop all greenhouse gases completely, but we must reduce them as much as possible, and then take actions to absorb the rest. We can do that by managing our land and seas differently – for example, by planting trees and expanding seagrass forests in the ocean, as these natural organisms capture carbon from the atmosphere and ‘fix it’ as they grow.

Once we’ve cut greenhouse gases as much as possible and we’re ensuring the rest is absorbed, then we’ll have reached ‘net zero’ emissions, and we won’t be adding to global heating.


You can find out more about the climate action plans for a variety of organisations by clicking on their logos below.

Local councils

Cumbria’s six local councils and the county council merged to form two unitary authorities from 1 April 2023. You can find out more about the climate action plans by visiting their websites: and





Business, jobs & skills




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