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Lake District access, transport and travel research results: appetite for change!

In October 2022 Action for Communities in Cumbria (ACT) hosted an event for the Lake District National Park (LDNP), exploring three research priorities of the LDNP management plan:

  • How visitors and residents would like to move (to and) around the park
  • How to address congestion and net zero with respect to transport
  • Better awareness of relevant global innovation in the transport and mobility sector, specifically in relation to behaviour change and implementation

Research was then undertaken which explores these, as well as other areas of transport, and explored the attitude to transport and travel in the Lake District. You can find more details about this research here.

Last week the results were published – and explored more fully at an event held by ACT -with a plan for further dissemination in the new year.  The research explored three key options for the future of access and transport, namely:




  1.  Managed access at busy times
  2. No Change
  3. Integrated transport




And there were numerous findings – a key one is that there is appetite for change, with only 2.6% of those responding preferring the transport to ‘continue as is’. The research also sought the views of non residents,  and whilst approximately 70% of consider the lakes to have a positive image, 31% thought that there needs to be better public transport.

A national online poll which ran alongside the research also explored attitudes to holiday travel and found that 81% are willing to travel differently on holiday, such as by bus, walking bicycle and boat. With 35% prepared to travel differently to reduce environmental impact.

All of the research points to a significant appetite for change in the way people travel in the Lake District – of the nearly 3000 people reached, significant numbers want:

  • better transport
  • active travel options – less traffic
  • differently managed parking.

Interestingly some respondents were willing to accept restrictions, or pay, in order for this to happen.

A full report with next steps will be published and shared in the new year.

You can find out more about Cumbria Action for Communities and their sustainable transport work here.

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