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Westogether – Grass roots organisations join together to raise awareness of the climate crisis in West Cumbria

Westogether is as an informal group of grass roots organisations in West Cumbria who are keen to do more to raise awareness of the climate crisis, support  communities to cut fossil fuels and live more sustainably.  The group is part of the  ZCC partnership, and is convened with the support of the Cumbria Sustainability Network Coordinator.  

By working together, individuals, community groups, local authorities and businesses can have a huge impact on carbon pollution.  Westogether want to encourage local people to support the aim for Cumbria to become a Net Zero Link to county by 2037, and to support community-based activity which can contribute towards this goal.

So far the group has looked at what’s going on in the area already e.g. the Groundwork Trust’s Northern Green Hub initiative in Workington, and has supported a number of different events which took place during Great Big Green Week.  The group has also looked at the recommendations of the Copeland’s People Panel on climate change and are keen to support the new Cumberland Authority to ensure that local people know more about the climate challenges we face, and what can be done to reduce our carbon emissions.

All of what we are doing contribute to people’s quality of life and mental wellbeing.  ’

If your organisation is taking action to reduce carbon emissions, tell us about it so we can feature it in the news or features sections.

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