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Brough Community Primary School eco-committee

What’s this about?

Brough Community Primary School have undertaken a raft of improvements and initiatives with the aim of becoming more sustainable and leading the way as an eco-school. There have been pupil-led initiatives through the eco-committee, as well as larger energy based projects such as heat pumps and solar panels. 

What did the school do?

The eco-committee planned and carried out several projects, all with the aim of demonstrating a more ethical and sustainable way of life, as well a giving the children agency over choices. There were smaller projects, such as upcycling projects which demonstrated the importance of reusing items as well as practical skills and creative thinking, and larger projects such as school-wide recycling. The committee also had a strategic impact, such as with meat-free Mondays.

What difference has it made to the school?

The school has an embedded commitment to sustainability and protecting the planet. The children take an active role and promote awareness of various issues, including recycling and reusing materials.  The recognition of their achievements with awards (see the you tube video link for their award-winning film) gives a sense of pride to their achievements and allows them to share their good practice. 

What difference has it made to their carbon footprint? 

Shifting towards heat pumps and solar PV panels will have an impact on the carbon footprint but there will be lifelong impact with the habits and learning passed on to the pupils. However this would be a good next step for the school – examining their carbon footprint with the changes that have occurred over the last few years

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