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Climate champion - Charlotte Curl

Climate Champions – making a difference in their community

Meet Two of our climate champions, Charlotte and Chris

What’s this about?

Zero Carbon Cumbria Climate Champions were recruited, trained and supported by Cumbria Action for Sustainability.

What can they do?

The champions undertake training such as Carbon Literacy knowledge. They are equipped with the knowledge and understanding to communicate about the climate crisis with their communities. They plan and lead events, whether online or in person, and they create space to talk to people about behaviour change, ideas or actions that could cut their carbon emissions, and bring other benefits. 

What difference has it made to our Champions?

Our champions enjoyed their role. They enjoyed the chance to meet new people and to strengthen the connections they had in their communities. It is a varied role and one that they can link in with their own interests and strengths. They have started Facebook groups aimed at families, organised planet-friendly art events, attended eco fairs and worked together to host webinars. 


What difference has it made to the climate?

Talking to people, encouraging behaviour change and communicating the severity of the climate crisis can be difficult, but our Champions become experts at finding ways to make actions relevant and manageable. Every small action makes a difference, and one person who comes away with a greater understanding and the motivation to make some changes will make a difference.

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