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Imogen Barnfather – Sustainability through the Arts

Meet Imogen from Cockermouth By OlIVIA BIGRIGG AND SOPHIE MORAN

What does Imogen do? 

Imogen is in the middle of setting up a Community Interest Company which gets people engaging in Arts and Theatre outside. In Imogen’s words “gives people a subtle focus in sustainability”. This is because she allows people to choose both aspects which “isn’t too overwhelming and is also a lot of fun”. She is also a member of Cockermouth CAN sustainability group.

Imogen’s views on the local sustainability decisions

Imogen believes that creating town sustainability groups is a good thing to do because they “engage the local community in their involvement of positive action as well as bringing them together, which can make a huge difference” 

However, she believes that the continuation of coal mining in Whitehaven is a bad idea as it contributes to the burning of fossil fuels. She says that creating a wind farm instead would create as many job opportunities as the coal mining industry would create, and it would have a positive environmental impact as well. “The investment should be refocused to more greener energy sources”. 

What influences Imogen?

Engaging with nature and being outside in a natural environment, She feels motivated to make a difference as she wants future generations – like her 5 year old son – to be able to grow up in a more positive world 

What could be done more?

Imogen believes that small impacts could be taken more by individuals such as buying more ethically rather than unnecessary items and using more public transport. These are as important as big impacts, such as retrofitting and less travelling by plane, or anything that we can do to reduce our carbon footprint. “Small changes can add up to making a big change”. 

Imogen also believes that the Government can play a huge part in determining whether we meet net zero. She says that the Covid lockdown was a brilliant example on how everyone can adapt when they need to. It made it clear to everyone that if the Government wants to make a change, they are well capable in doing so. “Saving the planet is also saving lives so it is just as important really” 

She says that, even though every aspect on how to improve Climate Change is important, she would want to focus more on redirecting funding to more climate orientated investments.   

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