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Nick Robson – bringing sustainability to Cockermouth

Interviewers: Olivia Bigrigg and Sophie Moran

Article written by: Olivia Bigrigg

About Cockermouth CAN 

During a tree planning session we interviewed Nick Robson, the founder of Cockermouth CAN, a newly formed sustainability group in and around Cockermouth. The group aims to make a difference in the town by reducing carbon emissions and improving nature and wildlife as well as making the town a better place to live.  

What made you interested in sustainability? 

When working in Pakistan in 2016-17, Nick saw the impact the environment had on people, such as water shortages. But he also saw the amazing things they were doing to repair and improve their land, such as planting trees with members of the community. Inspired by what he saw, he wanted to replicate it in England. 

How can more people get involved in sustainability actions?

Other people form the majority of sustainability. The key thing is to get young people interested, we can do this through schools and youth groups and other clubs. It needs to be fun, interesting and creative to get people involved.

What is your greatest accomplishment in sustainability?

A well as starting Cockermouth CAN, setting up Wildlife for Wigton has been his greatest accomplishment. One of the projects was working with 25 farmers and a town councilor to create a new park out of a farmers field with a pond, hedges, running tack and sculpture.


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