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Shed one distillery sustainability award

Shed One Distillery


What’s this about?

Shed One Distillery are a  thriving local business. As well as  creating a range of innovative and creative gins they are also a venue for tasting sessions, afternoon tea and even weddings. They have won awards for their sustainable practices, and put environmentally business decisions at the centre of their ethos. They are proud to be a net zero, climate positive business. 

What does Shed One Distillery do? 

They actively seek to put environmental and climate conscious considerations into business decisions. This means that they have an Environmental Action Plan that that is wide ranging, regularly reviewed and  assessed by independent consultants. Specific actions include moving their bank account to a more ethically-responsible one, using recycled, reusable and compostable packaging and an innovative ‘closed-loop’ cooling system which can save thousands of litres of water.  Their latest innovations are the launch of a gin made entirely with foraged ingredients (apart from the juniper), and they are phasing in fully recycled bottles. 

What difference has it made to the business?

Award-winning gin with an excellent local reputation – they are recognised as a beacon for sustainable business practices, and  have one awards such as the Silver Cumbria Green Tourism award.  They are proud to be part of a town and county that embraces new ideas, supports tradition and holds a helping hand out to people and the environment. 

What difference has it made to the climate?

Watch this space! A successful and inspirational business that can spread the word is a huge advantage to a locally-based climate conscious economy. As a recognised net-zero business they are demonstrating that business practices can be both successful and eco-conscious. 

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