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SLO Suppers – meet Sharon Watson

The importance of seasonal, local and organic food

What’s this about?

Sharon Watson has been offering cookery classes using seasonal, local and organic food. Her SLO suppers encourage people to look at where their food comes from, what is available locally and the difference organic produce can make to taste, and environmental impacts. 

What happened? 

Sharon WatsonSharon was always interested in food;  a history of cooking for a busy family, food scandals in the news, and a new organic farm in the area led to her developing interest in community supported agricultural schemes.  She is an advocate for local farms, and growers, developing recipes and, during Covid, delivering cooked meals. Sharon was able to have vital conversations around local food and the impact that using organic farms and local produce can have on biodiversity, and soil health. Helping people to understand where their food comes from.

18 months ago she held the first two cookery classes that built on the idea of using locally grown and seasonal food to create healthy and nourishing meals which were sustainable and had a positive impact on the environment.

How did it impact the community?

Sharon has created practical relationships between growers, farmers and consumers. One example is the development of a locally produced milk delivery scheme in glass bottles. Through these relationships she aims to show that good food is available to all.

Her cookery sessions are open to all ‘if you can chop a carrot, you’re in’. And they have practical ideas and simple tips for combatting food waste, eating more sustainably and even growing your own food. 

What’s the wider impact? 

Sharon was recognised by the High Sheriff of Cumbria business innovation awards,  and aims to continue to support local business. Her message is all about supporting local farms, how sustainable food can reduce carbon emissions, but can have more positive impacts too. 


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