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Head and shoulders photo of Valerie Bowen

Val – cutting food waste


What’s this about?

Val decided to reduce the carbon footprint of the food she bought after becoming increasingly annoyed that vegetables like spring onions and radishes were being imported from Egypt or other African countries to the UK all year round.

What did Val do?

She stopped buying her veg from supermarkets and signed up to Vista Veg’s bag scheme. After finding that there was room for her on the delivery list, she set up a monthly payment and now receives seasonal veg from a local grower. She also receives a bag for family members who live outside of the delivery area. She says it couldn’t be easier!

What difference has it made to Val?

Val says that changing to the veg bag delivery has made a huge difference to her life. She now plans her meals around what will come in the week and has discovered super recipes for vegetables her household had not eaten previously. She believes that they now eat more interesting meals, consume less meat and eat seasonally which feels like a better balance in their lives.

What difference has it made to the climate?

Locally grown vegetables don’t contribute as much carbon to the atmosphere because they don’t need to be transported as far as those you get in a supermarket. Because Vista Veg know how many customers they have, they can produce only the crops needed by those people, allowing them to harvest without waste.


Photo credit: Lee Quinn, Cumbrian Local Publications

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