Zero Carbon Cumbria - Carbon reduction action across the county.

Description: PACT has a Board of Directors: we hope the new Treasurer will become an active Director and assist with planning and running activities such as events to further our aims. The actual role of the Treasurer is very small for most of the year with only a few payments each month. However each year annual accounts need to be prepared and an annual submission made to the Financial Conduct Authority.

Organisation: Penrith Action for Community Transition (PACT) is a small but active organisation working in the Penrith and Eden area and is a Registered Society for the Benefit of the Community. We work to raise awareness of the issues associated with climate change, scarcity of resources and reducing biodiversity, to help people to reduce their carbon emissions and to increase community resilience. PACT is one of the partners of the Zero Carbon Cumbria project.

Location:  Penrith

Salary:  Voluntary Post

For more information or to apply, contact Christine Sutherland, PACT Chair,