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Cumbria Sustainability Network

a community of action takers

This informal network brings together community groups working to make their area more sustainable – from running repair cafes and growing food to installing community energy schemes.

How does it work?

The groups get together online to share experiences, support each other and sometimes to work together and coordinate activities around a particular topic.

Working together

The network meets monthly online and helps the groups to strengthen their influence on carbon reduction at a more strategic level in county, by working collectively as well as campaigning as individual groups. The CSN is an important part of the Zero Carbon Cumbria Partnership, helping to ensure that the voice of the community takes centre stage in the county’s carbon reduction plans.


The CSN is supported by a coordinator, thanks to the Zero Carbon Cumbria funding from the National Lottery’s Climate Action Fund. Helen Attewell is employed by Cumbria Action for Sustainability.

Find your local sustainability group

Visit the directory of CSN members and see what each group does.

Kick off climate action in your community

Whether you’re one person aiming to set up a new sustainability group in your area, or an established group with an idea for a project that would help reduce carbon emissions in some way, you can take advantage of a range of support through the Zero Carbon Cumbria programme.


If you have a great idea that could help tackle climate change, we may be able to help.

Latest News

Find out what members of the network have been up to in and around Cumbria.

What’s on

View our events calendar to find a Cumbria Sustainability Network event near you!

Join the CSN

Are you a group or organisation working primarily on climate action? Join the CSN to link up with other groups across Cumbria and tap into support that’s available. Contact the CSN coordinator, Helen Attewell, to find out more.