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Sector Groups

The partnership will drive change through its working groups, which focus on the main sources of emissions in Cumbria.

A large proportion of Cumbria’s emissions come from buildings, transport & mobility, consumption and waste, farming and other land use. The partnership has prioritised these areas, setting up working groups to address them. The 4 sector groups have the challenge of developing Emission Reduction Pathways (ERPs) and Emission Reduction Action Plans (ERAP’s) that work towards the partnerships goal of a zero carbon Cumbria by 2037.

These plans must be both ambitious and achievable, covering the full scope of emissions agreed for each individual sector, and together combining to a credible county wide emission reduction plan.

ERAPs will also be backed by a broad and robust evidence base, ranging from climate science and research findings to national policy and legislation, Cumbria’s latest carbon baseline and other relevant data sources, and recommendations for action made by recent Citizens’ Juries.

New: Read the sector groups plans

After a great deal of work over the past few months, the Emissions Reduction Pathways (ERP) and Emission Reduction Action Plans (ERAPs) are now published, representing a significant milestone in our journey towards a net zero Cumbria.  Your feedback is an important part of the process, so click the button and find out more about Cumbria’s steps to a more sustainable future.

Key milestones on the road to net-zero 2023

August 2023

Terms of Reference/Scope approved by sector groups and Priority Emission Reduction Action Topics agreed and signed-off by the Strategic Oversight Board (SOB).

October 2023

Draft Emission Reduction Action Plans (ERAPs) produced.

January 2024

Final Emission Reduction Action Plans (ERAPs) produced and signed-off by the Strategic Oversight Board (SOB).

February 2024

Initial plans published and feedback initiated.

ERAP planning

Key actions for the sector groups

Zero Carbon Cumbria Partnership Meeting

The sector groups will be directly supported by both the Zero Carbon Cumbria team plus contributions from members of the wider Partnership, including critical areas such as:

Current sector groups

There are four groups getting up and running now, and there’ll be more information here soon, as the membership and work of the groups is developed. New groups may be formed to focus on other themes.

Working together to drive change

If you would like to get involved with the partnership or feel there is a sector that could benefit from your input, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Join us

Contact the partnership manager to find out how you could take part