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The low carbon
food programme

Inspiration, tips & resources for reducing food related carbon emissions

Whether you’re a farmer, producer, business, chef or home cook this hub is for you!

The aim of the Low Carbon Food Programme is to create a wider awareness of the carbon impact of producing and serving food, and to subsequently encourage people to create, source and enjoy more carbon friendly meals.

Find lots of case studies, external resources, inspiration and tips for food related carbon reduction actions and cost efficiency, including alternative recipes, ingredients and supportive networks.

Good to know!

Low carbon food refers to food items that have a low carbon footprint. This means they cause less greenhouse gas emissions during production, processing, packaging, transportation, and consumption.

Be inspired!

Hear from farmers, producers and chefs on the changes they’re making.

A low carbon meal is a meal where conscious effort has been made to reduce its carbon emissions by choosing ingredients which have lower greenhouse gas emissions from farming/feeding, processing, transport and storage.

Where can I find out more?

We have put together a handy list of external resources designed to help you learn and achieve your reduced carbon culinary goals. From tips to tables, facts to farming networks, we have compiled videos, podcasts and web links to help.

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