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A new independent Chair of the Strategic Oversight Board

Grahame Broadbelt is joining ZCCP as the incoming chair of our Strategic Oversight Board (SOB) taking over from Steve Curl who stepped down at the end of last year. The SOB brings together a range of partners to provide support, leadership and good governance for ZCCP.

Grahame brings wide range experience and expertise to the role. He has worked in senior leadership roles across the public, private, voluntary and community sectors. For example, Grahame was MD at the public policy think-tank Demos and a Director of the private-sector think-tank Tomorrow’s Company in London leading research teams and projects for Governments and for companies. Grahame also led the growth of Common Purpose in the UK, a charity focused on developing the capacity of leaders from all sectors in cities and regions to work more effectively together. Grahame has also been an academic and led community enterprise and training initiatives in different cities in the UK. Most recently Grahame was Global Head of Communications, Research and Development for Impact International, a people development company specialising in experiential leadership development. Currently Grahame is pursuing a range of research interests and providing marketing, branding and communications consulting, training and coaching to large companies.

Grahame lives in the Crake Valley, just south of Coniston Water with his family.

Grahame explains that he applied for the role of SOB chair for two connected reasons.

“Firstly, it is clear to me that climate heating from the continued rise in global carbon emissions represents a significant threat to the quality of our environment, to our economic success and to the wider health of our society. In our interconnected world climate change represents an urgent priority for action and that action must focus on reducing our carbon emissions quickly and at scale.

 Secondly our ability to reduce our carbon emissions successfully depends on all sectors, all institutions and all citizens working together to secure our collective future. It is our ability to collaborate, to cooperate, to support each other, to work together as a community that will be the difference between success and failure in taking effective action.

 ZCCP is an important initiative in both addressing the need for reducing our emissions as a County and in creating a mechanism through which Cumbria can work together demonstrating our capacity for collective and collaborative action. I am pleased to have the opportunity to play a part in bringing down our emissions and strengthening the fabric of partnership in Cumbria.

 I very much hope that the year ahead will see more and more people, groups, companies and organisations join us in our ambition and action”.


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