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Youth Climate Summit Report Published

This week saw the publication of the report for the Youth Climate Summit held in July in 2023.

The summit which was held at Queen Katherine School in Kendal had the twin themes of Energy and Biodiversity.

The report, written by our partners at CDEC, can be downloaded here, Report of the Youth Climate Summit 2023.   It explores not only the practicalities of the day and the outcomes, but also look at the recommendations for next year.  Assessing how the different workshops were experienced by the young people who attended.

Key questions were also asked of the attendees, with an eye to looking at the summit for next year. These questions included:

  • What we would like to do as a result of today
  • What has inspired me
  • What should future events include


The answers to these questions, and some of the comments that were left on the activities will feed in to the planning for next year, and were shared with the appropriate sector groups.

In addition the results and comments from this report have been shared with other groups and the  ‘gatekeepers of emissions’ – those with agency to take on board some of the ideas from the young people – such as Cumberland and Westmorland and Furness councils.

You can watch  a video from the summit below.

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