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Emissions sector group meeting

First sector group meeting bodes well for future progress

Four emissions sector groups consisting of 45 members in total from diverse Cumbrian organisations and businesses, met in-person on the 18th April to focus on the main sources of greenhouse gas emissions in Cumbria.

Informed by data on Cumbria’s controllable greenhouse gas emissions, the sector groups will address emissions from buildings, consumption and waste, transport and mobility, and farming and other land use across the county, with the aim of developing Emission Reduction Action Plans by the end of 2023.

Members include representatives from key organisations; the new unitary authorities, businesses, the Lake District National Park, environmental, community groups, to ensure that a broad range of expertise informs the development and execution of realistic action plans.

The meeting raised key issues around the engagement of the youth voice and how important this connection will be for the future of a low carbon Cumbria. Other points discussed included cross sector working, the cascading of information and the distilling of scientific data.

The enthusiasm, engagement and collaboration of the new sector groups bode well for progress in the months ahead, as they develop the plans.  Zero Carbon Cumbria hopes that this united front will enable the county to achieve the ambition of becoming the first county to achieve net zero.

Find out more about the groups here: Sector Groups – Zero Carbon Cumbria – Carbon reduction action across the county.

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