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Adult Learning Cumbria launch Greener Curriculum pathway

Wondering where to get started with a more sustainable lifestyle? Or want to develop skills that could save you money? Developing a practical approach to a net-zero lifestyle?

Adult Education Cumbria has a new pathway into greener careers with a range of adult education classes that will develop a wide variety of planet-friendly skills and knowledge.

The ‘Greener Curriculum’ contains a range of courses that cover a diverse subject areas and practical skills.  Method to support wasting less, growing seasonal produce and reducing the use of chemicals – courses that can support you to make the most of what you have and live more sustainably. Many of the courses are free, or can be supported.

And there are taster courses in arts, cookery and greener living – all of which are particularly useful at this challenging time.

The options also move into a full qualification at Level 1 and Level 2,  which could really kickstart your journey into a whole new environmentally friendly career.

You can find out more here: Greener curriculum ( – and download the PDF of the whole pathway here


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