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Zero Carbon Cumbria Partnership Meeting

Packed agenda at Zero Carbon Cumbria Partnership Meeting sets tone for a busy year ahead

Last Friday, 3rd March, the Zero Carbon Cumbria partnership held a meeting to discuss the latest updates on initiatives aimed at achieving a zero-carbon future. Members from local councils, businesses and sustainability groups came together to hear about the progress being made in Cumbria.

Karen Mitchell, CEO of CAfS and co-chair of the ZCC partnership kicked off the meeting with the positive news that the partnership has been formally recognised by the new Unitary Authorities, Westmorland and Furness and Cumberland, and both authorities have agreed the net-zero ambition of 2037.

One of the exciting projects highlighted was a veg box scheme led by Vista Veg. ‘Home Grown Here’ is a co-operative of local livestock farmers who have started to grow fruit and vegetables which are freshly picked and delivered to your door. A scheme which reduces food waste and food miles whilst providing the community with fresh produce. The initiative has grown exponentially since it began as demand for locally grown food has increased. It has now extended it’s reach into South Lakes and Eden. For more information, please visit Home Grown Here

Another topic discussed during the meeting was the Youth Climate Summit report. A group of students from Queen Katherine School in Kendal joined the meeting to share their views.. . They spoke passionately about the urgency of the climate crisis and called for an increase in peer-to-peer working to help empower more young people to take action. We were truly inspired by their passion and commitment to the cause. The report itself displayed artwork created during the summit, available to view here: Youth Climate Summit Report 2022
Members also discussed pension divestment. Anne Marie Williams from ShareAction introduced Cumbria Divest, a new initiative. She revealed that £60,000,000 of pension pots in the public sector in Cumbria are invested in fossil fuels and highlighted the risks that come with these investments. To find out more please visit: ShareAction | Harness the power of investment

An update was given on the revisions underway to the Cumbria carbon baseline report by Small World Consulting, which highlights priority areas for action on greenhouse gas emissions. This dove-tailed neatly with the progression of the four sector groups, who will use the data in the report to inform their work to develop emission reduction action plans for the key areas of transport and mobility, buildings, land use and consumption and waste.  Please keep an eye on the ZCC website for updates on the sector group work.

We remain committed to working towards a zero-carbon future for Cumbria and invite anyone interested in joining our efforts to get in touch.

To find out more about joining the partnership, please contact Tim Gale
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