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The Power of Ten: New web app to support young climate activists

“If one person was to spread a message to 10 people in one day, and the next day those 10 people each went and told 10 more and so on, it would only take 10 days for the whole world to have been inspired.”

This common probability problem provides the inspiration behind a new web app developed by our local climate action hero Amy Bray.

Amy, who set up the charity ‘Another Way’ whilst still in school is looking to harness the power of youth voice using the power of social media – making use of the influence to empower young people, initially here in Cumbria, and then beyond.  Currently under test, the fully moderated web app allows students to access a range of resources and tools designed to develop their skills as a young campaigners. It provides a safe space so that connections can be made and confidence can be grown, ultimately leading to actions and impacts.

Amy explained her motivation:

“I wanted to facilitate sharing between schools, so that these young people can find like-minded people and not feel alone in this fight. I wanted to facilitate sharing between schools as many of the actions that individuals take can be scaled up and can be replicated, this means that they can make a bigger difference!”

Currently the web app is working with 80 young people to track user experience, and gain feedback. As more users sign up, the resources and tools will be tweaked and improved. Moderators are also on hand to enforce the clear community guidelines.  Next stages will be a wider geographical reach, and then a full mobile app that can be downloaded.

Under 18s can sign up now:  Power of Ten (


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