Zero Carbon Cumbria - Carbon reduction action across the county.


Welcome to the Zero Carbon Cumbria website!

You’ve found your way to the new hub for climate action in Cumbria! This where you can keep up to date with everything going on across Cumbria to bring down our carbon emissions and play our part in global action to stop the climate crisis.

The website launched in October 2022 and is brought to you by the Zero Carbon Cumbria Partnership. More about that below.

So, to help you find your way around, here are some of the highlights.

Find out about climate change

The About section is a good place to start. That’s where you’ll get a quick snapshot of what climate change is, what’s causing it and what ‘net zero carbon’ actually means.

Then, delve into what climate change means for Cumbria.

Next, you can find out what’s happening here in Cumbria to reduce the emissions that are causing climate breakdown.

That’s where the Zero Carbon Cumbria Partnership comes in. This website is the online home of the partnership, which brings together around 80 organisations from different walks of life in Cumbria, all working towards the shared goal of making this a county with net zero carbon emissions. Have a browse around the partnership section to find out more.

By the community, for the community

The website is also the online home of the Cumbria Sustainability Network, which is made up of community groups around the county that are driving local climate action. Running repair cafes, planting trees and growing vegetables are just a few examples of the many ways they’re helping people to cut their carbon footprints. Visit the CSN section to find your local group.

Cumbrian residents are also helping to shape climate action in the county through citizens’ juries. This is where people from different walks of life have a chance to explore the issues around climate change and then make recommendations for the action they think should happen in their area. There have been several of these in Cumbria and you can find out about them in the citizens’ juries section.

See what your neighbours are doing!

Drop in at the Get Inspired page and you’ll get a flavour of the activity going on around Cumbria to help tackle climate breakdown. Businesses, households and organisations of all sorts are all contributing in different ways. Keep an eye on the news feed and the events section, as there are more inspiring examples happening all the time and lots of ways for you to get involved.

Join in

If your organisation is taking climate action, then let us know so we can report it here and inspire others. Download the Zero Carbon Cumbria ‘Doing our bit!’ logo and put it on your event flyer to show you’re part of the county’s overall effort to reach net zero.

Or, if you’d like to take action but could do with some support, find out about grants and networking that might help you on your way.

So that’s your whistlestop tour. There’s a lot more information still to come on the website, and it will continue to evolve. Your feedback about the site so far would be very welcome, along with your suggestions for other information you’d like to see on here. Please get in touch!

If your organisation is taking action to reduce carbon emissions, tell us about it so we can feature it in the news or features sections.

Use the Zero Carbon Cumbria Doing our bit! logo to show that your actions are part of the wider effort to reach net zero in the county.