Zero Carbon Cumbria - Carbon reduction action across the county.

As we geared up for the end of the year, the last Zero Carbon Cumbria Partnership (ZCC) meeting of the year was held on Tuesday, 12 December

Read some of the key highlights below; from the work of the sector groups, change at the strategic oversight board and reasons to look back on 2023 as a positive year for climate action in Cumbria. 

Emission Reduction Action Plans (ERAPs)  

Our sector groups are making great progress with their Emission Reduction Action Plans. We are in the final stages and hope to make them available on our website towards the end of this month.  We are creating new pages where you can share your thoughts on each plan. Look out for an email in your inbox that will let you know they are available- we look forward to receiving your feedback. There will be a clear process to follow, and we invite everyone to have a say.  

Zero Carbon Cumbria Summit 

After the launch of the Emission Reduction Action Plans and the initial feedback window, we will hold a Zero Carbon Cumbria summit (20 March 2024.) Stakeholders will be invited to help identify and resolve any gaps or obstacles in the plans to achieve net zero by 2037. Following this pivotal meeting, all feedback will be processed into the Cumbria-wide decarbonisation plan- more on that later. 

Lottery-Funded success stories 

The climate crisis might be tough going, but there are Cumbrians out there fighting it every step of the way! Over the past three years, we have recruited and trained 48 Climate Champions who are creating an impact in their communities. Find out more here. Over this time we are proud to have invested £67,735.50 in 21 Community climate grants. Recent recipients include: the Rebuild Sites tool library, Waste into Wellbeing and the Ullswater hopper bus.

Westogether – a new chapter 

A brand-new West Coast climate action group was set up this year. Westogether aims to unite organisations, build alliances and offer peer support in the fight against climate change. They plan to deliver practical and fun activities from clothing swaps to community growing that everyone can enjoy and benefit from. 

Strategic oversight and team unity 

A big thank you goes to Steve Curl as he steps down as Chair of the Strategic Oversight Board. He has continually emphasised the power of the Zero Carbon Cumbria Partnership in working as a united front to bring people from all walks of life together to tackle climate challenges within our county.  

Next meeting 

Our next full partnership meeting will be on Tuesday  6th February at 10am. We look forward to seeing you then.