Zero Carbon Cumbria - Carbon reduction action across the county.


The Zero Carbon Cumbria Partnership (ZCCP) met online on Tuesday, 11th June to discuss the progress and future actions towards achieving our ambitious zero-carbon goals. The meeting, introduced by our Co-Chair, David F Murphy, was a productive session filled with insightful updates and strategic planning.


Summit Review and Future Actions

Tim Gale, Partnership Manager, gave a comprehensive overview of the Zero Carbon Cumbria summit held in March. He emphasised the significance of the discussions and the collaborative spirit that marked the event. The summit was a cornerstone event for the ZCCP, bringing together stakeholders from various sectors to discuss the Emission Reduction Action Plans (ERAPs) and sign up to actionable steps towards a zero-carbon Cumbria.

The summit highlighted numerous opportunities for cross-sectoral collaboration. By integrating efforts across different areas such as Buildings, Transport, Farming and other Land Use, and Consumption and Waste, we can create far-reaching effects that amplify our impact.


Moving into Phase 3 and ERAP delivery

As we transition into Phase 3, the focus shifts towards the delivery of the Emission Reduction Action Plans (ERAPs). This phase will be pivotal in turning our strategic plans into concrete actions. Work has already started with partners and stakeholders in defining roles and developing delivery plans against a number of actions and sub-actions.

New terms of reference will be drafted for the sector groups to guide our activities in this phase. These will ensure clarity in roles, responsibilities and expectations, creating a more effective and cohesive effort across all partners as we move from plan writing to implementation


Cumbria Decarbonisation Plan

Bex Stamper, Emission Reduction, Project Manager presented the next steps for the Cumbria Decarbonisation Plan. This comprehensive plan will consolidate and build on the 4 ERAPs and include further opportunities to reduce emissions in the county. The plan will aim to give an indication of the combined carbon reduction potential and highlight cross-cutting themes essential for coordinated action. A clear comms strategy for uniting efforts and creating public awareness was highlighted as an important element of the plan.


ZCCP strategy update

Moving from the planning stage to the delivery of the ERAPs, has led to the development of a strategy for the Partnership to reflect the new direction. Key themes of the strategy included establishing data norms, a reset and refocus for the Strategic Oversight Board, co-ordinating the commitments and actions of partners, stimulating first mover action and an under-pinning comms strategy. The strategy will consider how the partnership approaches the remaining period of lottery funding and demonstrate strong leadership, stewardship and coordination of the ZCCP work programme and net zero ambition.  The strategy will also guide  the co-ordination and amplification of carbon reduction action in the county and lead us through the next phase of the plans.


Update from Cumberland Council

Steve O’Keefe from Cumberland Council presented the council’s draft strategy for climate and nature. The strategy includes a local nature recovery plan and a commitment to evaluating and leveraging the council’s own assets for carbon reduction. Steve emphasised the council’s dedication to partnering with community groups, many of whom are actively providing valuable critiques and insights.


The meeting concluded with a lively question and answer session. This interactive segment highlighted the enthusiasm and dedication of our partners, reinforcing our collective commitment to achieving zero carbon.

Our next meeting will be on Tuesday 23 July at 10:30am