Zero Carbon Cumbria - Carbon reduction action across the county.

Strategic oversight board: Meeting Summaries

Summary of meeting held on 5th December 2023    

At this meeting SOB assessed a third iteration of the emission sector group’s outputs that included a version of the Transport and Mobility emission reduction summary and more detailed action plan complete with artwork and infographics.

The plans are being designed for publication and will include actions, targets, interventions, co-benefits, risks and gaps.

The suite of documents that will be published includes the emissions report summaries, the action plans and a short ZCC context document. 

SOB noted the need to make the plans more focused, shorter (where possible) and using clear language reducing the number of acronyms. 

The ZCC team continues to work with the sector groups on the suite of documents and will share redrafted versions with SOB at the next meeting in January.


Partners will then be able to view the action plans for comment and feedback.

Summary of meeting held on 14th November 2023    

At this meeting SOB was updated on progress towards a long-term strategy for the National Lottery funded youth climate project. A draft plan will be shared with the board early in 2024.

Second drafts of the sector group plans were discussed.

The Transport Sector Group is working with Cumbria Tourism which has a new Destination Management Plan for 2024 -2030 under consultation. The sector group will consider how this links and aligns with the Transport Emissions Reduction Action Plan. A key question to address will be how to get more people visiting in sustainable ways.

The Consumption, Waste and the Circular Economy group continues to develop the action plan and is identifying key delivery partners with which to engage further on the plan’s actions.

The Farming and other Land Use group is linking with the Local Nature Partnership and the Land and Nature Skills Service with a focus on data and metrics and aligning priorities and actions.

The Buildings group has almost completed the actions for their sector and is considering the suitability of metrics for assessing carbon reduction in collaboration with Small World Consulting. The group will look at more case studies.

Summary of meeting on 10th October 2023 

At this meeting the SOB considered a first draft of each of the detailed sector group emission reduction action plans.

The Board was provided with an overview of progress for each of the action plans. All groups were on track to produce the ERAP by December’s SOB.

The ZCCP Marketing team are working on final design/format options for the reports.  ZCC Partner organisation Climate Outreach are supporting on the most appropriate language for the plans.

A summary ERAP will be shared with key stakeholders from mid-November. 

The Carbon Monitoring Officer is developing a framework for monitoring and evaluating the carbon impact of the ERAPs.

The board acknowledged that there will be a shortfall between the SWC trajectory and the recommended actions identified by the initial ERAPs. These gaps in emissions reduction should be identified and well communicated.

As part of wider engagement on the ERAPs the question, ‘What is it we can do to close the gap?’ was suggested and agreed by the Board. 

The SOB discussed how important the language used will be in effectively communicating the ERAPs.

SOB agreed it would be helpful if the emissions sector groups considered the following:

  • Is the technology available in a timely way to enable the action.
  • The level of investment required by those delivering.
  • The impact on the local economy of decarbonisation actions.
  • Political will and regulatory constraints.
  • Social impacts.
  • Positive and negative Perceptions held and willingness or reluctance to act by individuals and organisations who should deliver.
  • Identifying the collateral benefits of taking each action aside from reducing GHGs.