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Young reporters: Youth Climate Summit full of optimism

At our recent youth climate summit we had two Year 8 boys from Queen Katherine School reporting for us, alongside the older students who took over our social media channels.

Our reporters, Luca and Jago,  spent some time chatting with the other schools, finding out how the young people responded to the workshops and taking photos. Read their thoughts, and see their images, below.


We were surprised at how much we learnt, and we thought we’d ask the other schools what they thought.

The climate summit was attended by both primary and secondary schools, and lots of the primary school pupils really enjoyed the chance to learn from the older children, especially when talking about school action like planting and cooking produce. Some of us were really impressed with what the other schools could do, and the time that the groups got to spend on these projects. 


The Zero Carbon Cumbria project seems like a really good idea to us – and as we took photographs of people sharing their ideas and listening to what the Zero Carbon Cumbria sector groups were talking about we realised that there really are lots of good ideas out there. It just seems a shame that so many of these ideas are not already happening – some of them don’t seem difficult to do, and would make a big difference –  like children’s bike repairs in each town. Other ideas, like growing food in school gardens seem to happen in some places but not others, and it would be easy to share this ideas across different schools. Queen Katherine School talked a lot about their solar panels, and some of the other schools told us that they found this really interesting. 

Overall, everyone we spoke to certainly had fun and learn new things, and they nearly all wanted to come back for more next year. We don’t know if this means they will talk about it with their friends back at school! 

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